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What is a career I could pursue in Sociology?

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asked Jan 10, 2017 in Social Work by searchingforhope (120 points)
I want to find out some other careers that might be useful to have a Sociology degree for. I know their is social work and being a counselor but I want to do something more like studying groups of people and taking data. making connections between social types and analyzing humans as a whole. What kind of job, if any, would this be and where should I start?

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answered Mar 28, 2018 by williamvhale (140 points)

First of all decide what you want to do. A clear career goal is the essential first step of any career search. It doesn't have to be a lifetime goal, just a plan of action for now. The Career Services Center has many services available to help you identify an occupation you'd like to pursue. There are workshops and information sessions focusing on specific occupational areas, computerized career guidance programs, printed resources on various occupations, videotapes, and helpful advisers who can assist you in putting all the information together.

William V Hale


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